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Whether your business is retailing, marketing or a combination of both, Westfield BrandSpace offers your business access to consumers on a casual basis.

You can sell, promote, launch or sample your product, service, brand or message in the common mall area of Westfield's national shopping centres and gain access to hundreds of thousands of shoppers on a weekly basis.

Westfield shopping centres deliver a unique brand experience. Westfield gives consumers an opportunity to touch, feel, hear, see, try and buy your product. We offer this opportunity on a large scale, with an annual visitation count of 70 million* across all 9 shopping centres.

* Annual visitation count number collected by Traffic Count Systems (TCS) for the period 01/01/2013 to 31/12/2013.

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  • 20th Century Fox: EPIC

    20th Century Fox: EPIC

    20th Century Fox brought an enticing augmented reality experience to the July School Holiday shoppers.

    Campaign: EPIC

    Client: 20th Century Fox

    Date: August 2013

  • 2degrees


    A unique pre-Christmas media and experiential campaign with a twist.

    Campaign: Grab a SIM and text

    Client: 2Degrees

    Date: December 2012

  • Painted Summer Resene

    Painted Summer Resene

    With the launch of the Westfield Summer Fashion campaign aptly named A Paint Summer, Resene were approached to be a brand partner for the summer fashion platform.

    Campaign: Painted Summer

    Client: Resene

    Date: Summer 2012

  • Suzuki/Walk in Wardrobe

    Suzuki/Walk in Wardrobe

    A national marketing and Westfield BrandSpace partnership in conjunction with primary sponsor Suzuki

    Campaign: Walk in Wardrobe - Summer Fashion 2011

    Client: Suzuki

    Date: September 2011

  • ANZ Awareness Campaign

    ANZ Awareness Campaign

    A media campaign that tied the product being promoted to the Wesfield BrandSpace advertising platform, with creative customised to communicate a message about a free ride for consumers.

    Campaign: Go Transaction Floor Decals

    Client: ANZ Bank

    Date: January 2011

  • BMW X1

    BMW X1

    BMW New Zealand in partnership with agency Draft FCB wanted to break with the traditional media launch of the BMW X1.

    Campaign: BMW X1 Launch

    Client: BMW

    Date: November 2011

  • Ferrero Rocher Christmas

    Ferrero Rocher Christmas

    A Spectacular Ferrero Rocher Christmas Tree installation completed Westfield St Lukes November 2009, combined with experiential sampling at two centres leading up to Christmas.

    Campaign: Ferrero Christmas 2009

    Client: Ferrero Rocher

    Date: December 2009

  • Sellaway


    Sellaway is a speciality retailer representing the brand of the worlds most famous master craftsmam of Flair, style and inspired vision Hair Stylist Jos'e Eber.

    Campaign: Retail Kiosk

    Client: Sellaway

    Date: 2011

  • Diet Coke

    Diet Coke

    An integrated media campaign for Diet Coke combining a national FoodCourt table wrap campaign, together a national primary banner campaign.

    Campaign: Lighten Your Lunch 2010

    Client: Diet Coke

    Date: September 2010

  • The Lost Shop

    The Lost Shop

    A brand partnership spend and win campaign with the chance to win a $75,000 stash of goodies. Both American Express and Resene Paints partnered with Westfield for The Lost Shop campaign.

    Campaign: 'The Lost Shop' Promotion 2010

    Client: American Express and Resene

    Date: August 2010

  • Suzuki - Lucky Days

    Suzuki - Lucky Days

    A Westfield lead spend and win campaign with a difference in conjunction with Suzuki. Lucky Days was a campaign developed with large platform of prizes from iPads to Holidays and much, much more.

    Campaign: Spend & Win

    Client: Suzuki New Zealand

    Date: June 2011

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Experiential Space

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Brand Partnerships

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